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Dive Sites of Terrasini


1. Cala Rossa

3. Punta Catalana

8. Drift dive - The big 8 

9. Parete delle Gorgonie 


 1. CALA ROSSA - easy level

In the stunning bay of Cala Rossa, surrounded by a 30m cliff that seems painted in shades of red, the zodiac arrives near the Islet. The dive winds around the island, with a maximum depth of 30 meters. The site is populated by king of red mullet, chromis chromis, thalassoma pavo and scorpionfish that blend in between the rocks covered with sea daisies. This place is also the home of an imposing Moray, Helena. Finally, at 5 mt,  before returning, the dive winds through narrow passages and arches full of colours and plays of light.

 2. THE CORAIL MONTAGNE - intermediate / advanced level

Located near the Torre Alba, inside the Capo Rama Reserve, this shoal will amaze you with its abundance of red and yellow sea fans, practically a forest! Given the vastness of the site, it is recommended to do a double dive here: the first follows a side of the shoal where, reaching a maximum depth of 30 meters, you will admire the sea fans and numerous astrospartus (gorgon star). With a bit of luck you could spot nudibranchs, lobsters, a huge scorpion fish and some grouper. The second dive that runs from the opposite side of the shoal, up to a maximum depth of 40 meters.

 5. CAPO RAMA CAVES - intermediate level

The zodiac will stop near the reserve of Capo Rama, during navigation you can admire the numerous caves, jewels of the reserve. Starting on a 10-metre bottom, you will enter a large cave, inside which you can see many brittle stars and different prawns. We will then pass under an arc populated with tomato anemones and a grouper. We will then enter another cave through its summit and exit 10 meters below it through another exit. At the exit of the cave the route takes place up to 30 meters maximum, through a wall rich in barbu worms, spirographs and some nudibranchs. Finally we will cross a huge open cave. Other small (not penetratable) caves host some mostelles fish. Returning to the inflatable boat on the flat course of 18 meters, it is possible to find some octopus.

 4. LABIRINTH - difficult level

Right next to the zodiac, at the depth of 10 meters, you will find two huge caves, where the torches will be indispensable due to the absence of light. Before the visit of the two caves and see the shrimp, the immersion continues inside a real canyon of 20 meters long and 30 meters deep. Follow the guide and lose yourself inside a winding path whose walls are covered with sea anemones. Two groupers play hide and seek between the complex passages of the maze.


 6. AQUARIUS - easy level

Going down to a maximum depth of 30 meters, divers will follow the wall of Cala Porro full of red and yellow Gorgonians. The name of the site is due to the massive presence of small fish such as red mullet, silversides, red and blue damselfish and pavonine damsels. After the wall, you will find yourself passing under a large arch full of sea daisies. With a little luck you might spot a hermit crab anemone and some lobster.

 7. ARCHES AND CAVES OF  CALA VERDE - easy level/advanced

The anchor point faces a stunning double cave - called Grotta della Colombe on a bay defined "green," due to the colour of the crystal clear water. This dive, with a maximum of 18 meters, is suitable for open water divers who want to have fun in a path that passes under numerous arches and perched caves. For the most experienced diver, it will be possible to penetrate a huge cave, divided in small "rooms" hosting shrimps and brittle stars, along with some rare nudibranch. The play of light beams across the various inlets will amaze you!

 8. DRIFT DIVE - THE BIG 8 - intermediate level (new!)

You will discover the eight caves of the natural reserve of Capo Rama . With a maximum depth of 20 meters, this dive is the longest. No turning back, the boat will pick you up at the end of the course.

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