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Training in French, English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.


Become an independent diver with the OPEN WATER and ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER courses

Contact us for inquires regarding  more courses and specialities (Nitrox, Dry suit, Trim, Navigation, Night...)


Level 1 :
Open Water Diver

Minimum age: 12 years

4/5 days of training

5 theoretical sessions, 8 practical sessions

Maximum depth: 18 meters

Maximum 4 students / instructor

Release of an international patent

Liverl 2:
Advanced Open Water Diver

Minimum age/ 15 ans

Must be already Open Water Diver

2/3 days leght

5 theoretical sessions / 5 practical sessions

(buoyancy, orientation, night, deep, corrent)

 Maximum depth / 39 mt

4 students maximum / instructor

 Release of an international patent

Level 1 (short), Scuba diver

Boat trip or swimming pool

Minimum age: 8 years

2 days of training

2 theoretical sessions, 4 practical sessions

Maximum depth: 5 - 12 meters

Maximum 4 persons per instructor


Scuba diving courses

Boat trip

Minimum age: 8 years

 Maximum depth: 5 meters

  Introduction to scuba diving 

Briefing, explanation of diving equipment

 1 person per instructor

Free photos

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