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Prices of scuba diving courses, snorkelling excursions of the center Dive4earth in Terrasini.
Average dive time: 1 hour/ bottle charged at 220 bars/ max 5 divers

Airport pick up service


Boat excursion / snorkeling

- half day

- half day with discover scuba diving

- half night

Discover scuba diving

Fun dive*

- pack 5 dives

Night Dive / deep -45m / drift 90min

Refresh exercices

  42 euros

110 euros

  80 euros

  80 euros

  42 euros

190 euros

  55 euros

  10 euros


of the center Dive4earth in Terrasini.

Easy scuba diver 310 euros

Open water diver 450 euros

Advanced Open water diver 360 euros (*)

The price of the courses include everything, the equipment for the entire duration of the training, teaching materials, insurance, registration, licenses and certificates.

(*) Equipment rental not included.

Contact us for inquires regarding more courses and specialities 
(Deep -39m, -45m, Underwater photography, Ocean Guardian, Rescue, BLS, Air supplier, Nitrox, Dry suit, Hovering, Navigation, Night...)


Complete equipment (without torch and computer)



Wetsuit 5mm/7mm/2,5mm


Fins/Boots 3mm/5mm 



Photo/video camera (snorkelling)

Additional passenger
Private boat / day

   23 euros     

     8 euros                        

     8 euros       

  8/5 euros                       

     5 euros           

     5 euros

     8 euros

     8 euros

    15 euros

    15 euros

  500 euros

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